COVID-19 Vaccination and Blood Clotting

Many will have heard the recent news about the Oxford Astra Zeneca Vaccine. There have been reports of an extremely rare possible side effect occurring in about 4 people per million doses given, who have developed an unusual form of thrombosis (clot) involving the brain veins.

It is very unusual and needs to be balanced against the benefits of the vaccine in reducing Covid infections in those vaccinated (reducing short and long-term consequences) as well as reducing community spread. As a result of national recommendations, the Weymouth and Portland Covid Vaccination Service will take the following approach:

  • We continue to strongly recommend the AstraZeneca Vaccine in the age groups already invited.
  • We will offer an alternative vaccine to Astra Zeneca to patients under 30 coming for their first vaccination.
  • It is recommended that nearly all people under 30 who have already had one dose of AstraZeneca Vaccine should go ahead with their next dose of the same vaccine.
  • A very small number of people (of any age) with a history of some particular clotting disorders may need to discuss whether to go ahead with the Astra Zeneca vaccine with a GP.